Sponsoring a child at the Institute is very easy. That is why YOU are the one who will receive the greatest of the benefits, to feel that your help and support provided an individual the chance to demonstrate how much they are able to learn.

In Guatemala, special education is a very expensive service (usually only available to the people who can  pay very high private school tuition), which is the reason why our goal is to provide affordable quality special education.

The tuition cost for our students is Q.1,250 (US $ 170.00)  on a monthly basis, but,  due to the characteristics of the households we impact, their contributions usually do not exceed Q.200 per month (US $ 26.00) , which takes us to count on altruistic people like you to join this network .

You can contribute with a monthly donation, by means of:

  1. Credit or debit card
  2. Direct deposits to the checking account of Banco G&T Continental, No. 001 5034295-7 to the name of Instituto Neurológico de Guatemala
  3. Cash, personal checks, and business checks

With your donation you receive a  tax-deductible receipt, invitations to all our activities and events, regular reporting of the achievements, progress, and pictures of the child you sponsor, and most importantly the chance for our children to materialize their dreams.

We have a strict and data management policy, to ensure your peace of mind.

For more information, please contact: + 502 2475-1178 (Fundraising Department) or mail: [email protected]